Troy Medicare

Troy Medicare is an NC-licensed health insurance company that puts pharmacists in the driver’s seat of every senior’s healthcare. The average senior visits one of our 21,000 pharmacies 3 times per month. We are the first health plan that leverages these interactions and enables pharmacies to improve health outcomes and drive down health costs.


“Each open enrollment I try to figure out all the different med advantage plans that cover my medications and it’s a real nightmare. Twice I went to a doctor that my insurance said on the website that was in the network, only to find out they don’t take my insurance when I got there. I can’t wait for Troy to launch and bring some clarity to this entire rigmarole.”

Senior in North Carolina

“Several times per week I get patients coming in with letters from Aetna telling them to stop coming to my pharmacy and go to CVS or mail-order instead. These are folks I’ve taken care of for decades and go to church with. They are confused and want to keep coming to our pharmacy. I can’t wait to turn the tables on these big companies and have a plan that represents our local community pharmacy and the seniors we serve.”

Pharmacy in North Carolina

“The only communication I have with Medicare Advantage plans today is through denial letters. We can’t do our job as physicians without insurance companies slapping our wrists ever minute. I have signed a contract with Troy Medicare because they will reduce the hassle I’m dealing with now and I hope to never sign another insurance contract again.”

Doctor in North Carolina